Praise continues to flow to DH Fellow Elizabeth Honig's Jan Brueghel catalogue raisonné.

The Art Libraries Society of North America recently reviewed the site, noting the “high level of scholarship” Honig displays throughout her entries, yielding, in combination with the site’s “exemplary” design, an “indispensable scholarly resource.” The review's final thoughts celebrate scholarly excellence and the potential of the digital:

“The Brueghel website, featuring a high standard of scholarship, elegant and effective design, easy and broad accessibility, and the possibility of collaboration, is a model that I’m hopeful other catalogue raisonné projects will embrace.”

In a more informal vein, our DH consulting often leads back to for inspiration and examples--practitioners considering how to manage/share/annotate their corpora refer to, and are often referred to, the site.

Hats off again to Professor Honig and her team.

Read the full review here: