Reflections on the Student Mentoring and Research Teams (SMART) Program from a Mentor and Mentee

Scott Paul McGinnis, Mentor

The SMART mentoring program pairs doctoral students with undergraduate students to work as a two-person team on a research project during the summer semester. The projects are proposed by the graduate students and then advertised to undergraduates, who may apply to whichever projects fit their major and interests.

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Stuart Dunn (King's College London) to Visit the DH Working Group on October 27th

DH @ Berkeley and the Digital Humanities Working Group are pleased to welcome Stuart Dunn (King's College London) for a discussion entitled: "Points, lines, cells, polygons: What does "data" mean to a humanist?" Monday, October 27th, 1:00 - 2:00 PM, D-Lab Convening Room (356 Barrows)


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What I Did Last Summer: Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2014 Attendees Report Back

The digital humanities offer an exciting opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary methods and apply digital tools to humanistic research. However, developing these skills while balancing coursework, research, and instruction during the academic year can be a challenge.

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Supporting Digital Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Research IT Visits Stanford

In August, several members of Research IT, the Library, and the Visual Resources Center met with our equivalents at Stanford to discuss supporting digital research in the humanities and social sciences met with our equivalents at Stanford. Special thanks to our friends in Stanford’s Academic Technology Specialists program for hosting us, especially Mike Widner, who helped arrange the visit. ATS’s combine specialized disciplinary training and broad experiential knowledge.

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