Category: Geography

Digital Worlds: An Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

An introduction to the increasingly diverse range of geospatial technologies and tools including but not limited to geographical information systems (GIS). Via a mix of lecture and lab-based instruction, students will develop knowledge and skills in web-mapping and GIS. How these tools are used to represent fundamental geographic concepts, and the wider socioeconomic context of these technologies will also be explored.

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The Living New Deal

The Living New Deal is a research project and online public archive documenting the scope and impact of the New Deal on Americans’ lives and landscape. The New Deal was a constellation of economic stimulus policies and social programs enacted to lift America out of the Great Depression, one that touched every state, city, town, and rural area in the country, yet there is no national record of what the New Deal built, only bits and pieces found in local and national archives, published sources, and occasional markers.

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