Category: Near Eastern Studies

Niek Veldhuis

Niek Veldhuis is Professor of Assyriology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies. His work concentrates on ancient Mesopotamian school texts (lexical texts) that taught scribal students how to read and write cuneiform (3,200 BCE - 0). He is on the steering committee of the Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus ( and is co-director of the Berkeley Prosopography Services (, in addition to serving on the Berkeley Digital Humanities Council.

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Berkeley Prosopography Services

Berkeley Prosopography Services (BPS) provides a new set of tools for prosopography - the identification of individuals and study of their interactions - in support of humanities research. Prosopography is an discipline well-served by digital tools; it is a humanities discipline in which the computational and data-driven methods at home in “Big Data” research can transform scholarly workflows, regardless of the size of the datasets. BPS is based upon re-usable infrastructure, supporting generalized web services for corpus management, social network analysis, and visualization.

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