Event date
Monday, May 11, 2020
Event time
9:00am to 12:00pm
Remote (Zoom link below)

Zoom Link
To obtain the Zoom link for this workshop please click the link below:
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If you have questions or problems with Zoom, please email: dlab-frontdesk@berkeley.edu
If you are having trouble getting set up, launch an instance of RStudio Cloud to run the same RStudio environment in your web browser: 
(see the full guide here: https://rstudio.cloud/learn/guide)

Visit https://rstudio.cloud/
Click Log In / Sign Up
Click “New Project”
Follow along!

Importing data can be a little tricky

Click "Files" --> "Upload"
Click "Choose File"
Select the .csv file you want to upload
The default location will now be "/cloud/project/" instead of on your local drive

If you have trouble signing into Zoom:

Sign out of all Zoom accounts
Visit: https://berkeley.zoom.us/
Click “Sign In” and enter your CalNet credentials
Try the R-Fundamentals Zoom link again

Data are the foundations of the social and biological sciences. Familiarizing yourself with a programming language can help you better understand the roles that data play in your field. Learn to develop and train your data skills for free at our R workshops!
The D-Lab's R Fundamentals workshop is a four-part introductory series that will teach you R from scratch with clear introductions, concise examples, and support documents. You will learn how to download and install the open-sourced R Studio software, import, export, manipulate, and visualize data, and learn to write shorthand functions of your code. After completion of this workshop you will have a foundational understanding to create, organize, and utilize workflows for your personal research.
Each of the four parts is divided into a lecture-style format interrupted by short breaks, challenge problems, and discussions. Instructors and TAs are dedicated to engaging you in the classroom and answering questions in plain language. No prior experience or background knowledge is required.
R Fundamentals Part 1: Introduction
Students will learn how to navigate the R Studio environment. You will also learn how to store data, characteristics of basic data types and data structures, the importance of data frames (think Excel spreadsheets), and how to save your work.
Be sure to download R, RStudio, and the workshop materials before the workshop:
1. Download R: https://cloud.r-project.org/
2. Download RStudio Desktop Open Source License FREE: https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/
3. Download workshop materials: https://github.com/dlab-berkeley/R-Fundamentals
   a. Click the green "Clone or Download" button
   b. Click "Download zip"
   c. Extract this file to your Desktop (Mac users double click; PC users right-click and select "Extract All")
Registration note: To participate in multiple parts of this series, please be sure to register for each day separately.